By Using a Proven, Sensible Blueprint That Doesn’t Rely on Intense Dieting, Discipline & Draining Workouts !!!

SHIFT 2022 is a Science-Based, COMPASSION-ROOTED,
sustainable Weight-Loss Program Rooted in Habit Change  &Mindset-Reshaping…

let me guess…..

Do you feel “STUCK” with how you LOOK AND FEEL?

is this you?👇

👉 You thrive in your professional life and know exactly how to excel there. But, when it comes to your body and your weight, you don’t feel the same sense of control or confidence.

👉 You’ve tried losing weight in the past with dieting or gyming… and you do lose some, only to gain it back (and more!) when you stop dieting/gyming.

👉 You’ve started/stopped, started/stopped dieting and weight-loss so many times, that by now you’ve begun to doubt if you really have it in you to lose weight.

👉 You feel that you simply lack the “willpower” to stay on course with healthy eating and consistent exercise.

👉 You “know” the foods that you need to eat, the foods that you need to avoid, and that you need to exercise…. But you’re unable to translate your knowledge into consistent actions.

👉 You don’t have the time or the patience to spend hours in the gym.

Well, you’re not alone. 😌

And it isn’t because you lack willpower, don’t have enough time, or you’re just lazy.

It’s not your lack of follow through or even desire.

It’s because you’re focusing on the wrong things. 👎🙅

Most women on a weight-loss journey focus on “excluding” certain foods and starting “exercising”… and fret over their “cheat days”. (Can we remove that phrase from our language, like, forever?)

Whereas, for long-lasting change, what’s important is to simply “pay attention”.

Pay attention to “why” we turn to food in the first place, “how” hungry you are when you begin eating, how much you enjoy the very act of eating, how “satisfied” you feel after meals and what your “self-talk” is.

Truth time – you can’t “MOTIVATE” yourself into a smaller size that lasts.

The answer to lasting weight-loss is to renew your relationship with food, with movement and with rest… and the role they play together in soothing and nourishing you towards a healthier, lighter you.


Hi, I’m Jasneet

I’m Jasneet, Nutrition, Habit-Change and Weight-Loss Coach and founder of Habits over Diets. I know how frustrating weight loss can be. Especially when you feel stuck not knowing which piece of the puzzle is missing.

With SHIFT, I’ve created a SUSTAINABLE WEIGHT-LOSS BLUEPRINT to help you uncover the missing pieces in your weight-loss journey – your habits and your mindset. This blueprint will help you gain confidence, improve your relationship with food, and help you discover healthier actions that you can take anywhere, anytime given “your” unique situation. 

If you’re a busy woman who needs a proven method for permanent weight loss, then I hope you’ll join me for the real SHIFT.

The “SHIFT 2022” Blueprint is designed to help you shed the weight in a way that feels natural and easy without spending hours in the gym or being deprived of your favourite foods.  Over the course of 4 months together, you’ll discover that lasting weight loss is possible, without losing your cool or your taste buds!

SHIFT is a uniquely crafted coaching program that marries the best of compassionate coaching with the energy and camaraderie of a community of like-minded humans.

HERE’S how we can work together in 2022


SHIFT program opens for enrolment only twice every year. CHAT WITH JASNEET NOW to check JULY availability. Fill your name and Whatsapp No below👇 and she will contact you soon

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THE SHIFT APPROACH…. what it looks like in real life >>

With a big sweet tooth and extreme aversion to exercise, I wanted to lose weight without giving up my favourite foods


Product Leader, Seattle

When a die hard foodie who juggles with multiple roles in her extremely busy life decides to build healthy eating habits, its a journey to watch out for !!!


CEO, Bengaluru

Having done weight loss programs involving DIET PLANS, GM DIET etc and being an skeptic even after starting of the SHIFT program to being able to achieving the goals, Menaka tells her story enthusiastically.


Fashion Industry, Chandigarh

From trying “externally controlled” diet-plans and losing weight only to gain it back again and again —>> to building habits that stick “internally” and losing weight sustainably. Listen to Manisha’s journey inside SHIFT.


Sales Leader, Gurgaon

Successful in all areas of life but couldn’t figure out the solution to weight loss


CEO, New Delhi


“What is most important for me is that despite my crazy work schedule, my relationship with food and hunger has changed permanently after joining  SHIFT program. I’m at my lowest weight in last 15 yrs with no feeling of deprivation or sacrifice.”




“Jasneet has helped me develop deeper self-kindness and as a result I’m showing up more consistently for myself than I ever thought was possible. My body has become lighter, I have developed more stamina and am now more active than ever. But the biggest change is that psychologically I treat myself with more kindness and positivity “



Other than the obvious change of losing weight (yay!) I have a better relationship with food overall. I feel more in control and as a result, happier. I am more active in general (walking and doing “NEAT”) and have more energy. I also really appreciated having a place to be vulnerable, open, and honest with a group of truly amazing women.



“One of the best decisions I made was to join Jasneet’s Weight-Loss program. From focusing on what to eat and why, knowing where our food comes from, to what kind of exercise we should do, to managing stress… her program had a 360-degree approach. Jasneet took the time to give personal advice and attention to my sweet tooth and snacking issues, giving me very workable solutions around both. I am a lighter (yayy), more energetic, and healthier person today. I owe all the credit to Jasneet and her belief that we can be so much healthier, even with our hectic mommy routines.”

Anurupa Jain

sales leader / MUMBAI


“In the previous 18 months I’d tried everything… but my weight-loss had plateaued. Thanks to you, Jasneet, I’ve actually beaten my New Year goal weight now 🙂   Also by the way – just like you said, the kids eat fruits if you eat… so does the husband! I’m so happy that I’m making changes towards a healthy diet for the family. All thanks to you… feeling good and t. Losing weight and fat. And, I’m told I look younger!”

nanki SINGH

 CEO / new delhi

“I’m so glad I decided to be a part of your weight-loss program. As a practising Dental Surgeon and mother of 2 teenagers, there is ‘ZERO’ free time in my routine. Still, I learnt how to make small changes to my daily routine to make it healthier.   I lost 6 kg during your 3-month program and lost another 4 kg’s by continuing to apply what I learnt. More importantly, I feel confident about myself and am much more active. I do hope that many more people benefit from your vast knowledge.”

DR gurpreet babbar

doctoR / punjab

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We’ll kick things off by learning, or rather re-learning, the forgotten “art” of eating. This habit is designed to give you clarity about how “the way” you eat your food is far more important than what you eat, when you eat or where.

With my guidance and tons of tips from my experience, you will be coached to approach your eating in a completely new light. This ensures that weight loss feels effortless and you don’t ever feel like a calorie-counting machine.


We’ll focus our energies on what to eat “more of” and “how”. When we focus on what to “include”, the exclusions happen by themselves.

Our goal here will be to make sure we build a solid routine of eating the whole foods we need to be eating… by proactively managing our routines, recipes, commutes and more.


The number one reason women don’t reach their goals is because we eat… when there is food around. In this Habit, we will learn how to recognize true, physical hunger – the kind that comes in waves.

Not just that, we will also practice understanding our fullness levels. This is a cornerstone habit for permanent, sustainable weight-loss.


Do you hear a voice in your head say things like – “I don’t have enough time to exercise” or “Just another drink won’t make a difference” or “I can’t help but eat the whole packet of chips”?

Our self-talk determines our identity. Our identity paves the way for our actions. We will delve deep into how we need to develop an “athlete identity” to act like one… and how that can make all the difference between staying the course or not.


This is all about securing your environment and making it an ally in your health and weight-loss goals.

Whether its the way you arrange and display food in your kitchen or how to say “no” to societal eating pressure or how to rally your family together, this habit is all about making sure you have the “systems” in place to continue progressing on your weight-loss journey with confidence and independence.


In this habit, you will learn to never again ignore your sleep. We will delve into what counts as good sleep and how a solid sleep routine plays a biiiiiiig role in your losing weight and keeping it off.

Once you know the science behind sleep and practice this habit here, you will begin to look at your sleep routines very differently, and guard your sleep like a treasure 🙂



This is not a program where a diet-plan is handed out to you and you’re asked to start eating as per that. C’mon – you may lose some weight like that, but what did you learn – about food, hunger, cravings and sustaining your progress?

This program is far deeper. It is designed to help you build the “skills” for longterm, sustainable fat-loss. And for that, its important for you to ask questions from your Coach. We will do that in our Weekly Coaching Sessions as a Group.

We’ll meet as a group for live coaching sessions every week, starting mid of Jan 2021. All sessions are recorded and video recordings are made available for you to access later.


Every human habit is based on certain skills. The skills are in turn acquired through practice. This program is geared towards building your Weight-Loss Habits. So you will be applying everything that you learn, so as to build those skills and checking o your daily actions as done or not done.

And don’t worry, there is no expectation for you to be 100% compliant on your daily actions. We’re big fans of imperfect, “just-about-managed-to-do-it” kinda action. If you just show up and do the actions about 80% of the time, you can give yourself a pat on the back


To ensure that you know “why” you are practising the habits above, each Habit will have lessons covering the What, Why and How behind the habits.

You will receive your lessons inside the Habits over Diets’ Online School. This will also ensure that the Group Coaching Sessions are focussed on discussing your progress and answering your questions.

You will learn not just from the lessons and the Group Coaching Sessions, but also from each other’s experiences inside the Group Chat.

HERE’S how we can work together in 2022


SHIFT program opens for enrolment only twice every year. CHAT WITH JASNEET NOW to check JULY availability. Fill your name and Whatsapp No below👇 and she will contact you soon

chat NOW with jasneet


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SHIFT Mastermind program opens for enrolment only twice every year (Jan & July only).

Prices slated to increase by appx 30% from JULY ’22 Program onwards. CHAT WITH JASNEET NOW to check JAN slot availability. 👆👆



Research shows that more than 70% of people who use diet plans to lose weight, gain back all the lost weight and more within the next 12 months. Instead of a strict Diet regime which works for a short period in your life, we work on developing lifelong Habits in areas of Food choices, Intuitive Eating behaviours, Enjoyable Movement, Consistent Sleep Routines, Shaping your immediate environment and most importantly a Winning Mindset. All of these when put together help make your weight loss sustainable.

ihave tried everything for weight loss, nothing ever works

Each individual is different and you may have been focussing on issues that matter less for your Mind-Body or were focussing on issues that were not sustainable by you

i lose weight quickly but tend to regain as soon as i am off the diet plan

Our entire philosophy is to build habits that you tend to sustain naturally, We don’t focus on quick fixes. There is no diet plan that is given in the program. You continue to eat the foods as per your family and cultural background. We up-skill you in how to eat, how much to eat, while making the same meals more nutrient-dense. As you do this, you will find that its much easier to continue eating like this. This becomes your new normal. After the program ends we also have monthly momentum calls to guide you and hand hold you for another 3-4 months.


This is our guarantee of the quality and effectiveness of the SHIFT coaching program. If you put in the Required Work and are still not satisfied with the program, then you can request for your full investment back in the first 30 days from the date of the Orientation Call. Required work from you = Check-in about your progress 80% of the time, read lessons and answer questions in them, participate in the weekly Coaching Calls

what are the payment plans

100% of the 5 month coaching plan has to be paid in advance before the program starts. If program does not suit you, you can ask for a refund within first 30 days (read the money back guarantee policy above). Since this is a steady and sustainable approach and not a quick fix formula, minimum 5 month time investment is needed. So we don’t have monthly payment options. 

how many seats left

Every year we have only two batches which run as small cohesive group of women with positive energy. One is starting in mid JAN. Suggest you urgently fill up the form above or contact Jasneet now on whatsapp at +91-9811177343 to check if any seats are left for JAN batch. Second batch will start in JULY. And coaching rates will go up by appx 30% by JULY

clutches of daily routine

We have met very few women who come to us saying now I have all the time in my life to build new habits and lose weight. This program is built for busy women who are juggling with multiple roles in their lives – of being busy professionals, moms, caregivers, wives etc. So someday one has to start. But all said if you are doubtful, chat with Jasneet to see if you can do it despite the odds 🙂

what are monthly momentum calls

We have met very few women who come to us saying now I have all the time in my life to build new habits and lose weight. This program is built for busy women who are juggling with multiple roles in their lives – of being busy professionals, moms, caregivers, wives etc. So someday one has to start. But all said if you are doubtful, chat with Jasneet to see if you can do it despite the odds 🙂

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SHIFT program opens for enrollment only twice every year. CHAT WITH JASNEET NOW to check Jan availability. Fill your name and email ID here 👉 and she will contact you soon

Hi there! Thanks for showing interest in SHIFT 2022 starting Jan 2022. I will shortly contact you on your email ID. As few seats are left, if you want to contact soon, pl WhatsApp your number to me at +91-9811177343. And I will touch base sooner. Excited to chat with you soon 💖 To your Health & Success Jasneet