90% of women feel that they lack self-discipline to lose weight

Thats what most career-successful moms believe. That they dont have enough willpower, motivation or discipline to lose weight and keep it off for good. But gladly, it doesnt have to be that way anymore.



Do you relate to one or more of the following in your journey of health?

control over favourite foods

That you have no control over the portions of your favourite foods is and even sometimes you end up eating like “theres no tomorrow”

eating DIScipline

You have a lack of discipline about your eating habits. That is your fault for not being able to stay consistent to that diet youre following

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can't sustain diet plans

You feel like you only lose weight when you train hard and stick to your diet, but after a while you drop off because it just doesnt feel sustainable.

buzzword plans like keto, vegan, bootcamp didnt work

Maybe you went keto, no carbs, giving up sugar or bootcamp style but in the end you feel like missing out because this approach simply doesnt fit your lifestyle

lose motivation

You lose motivation easisly and cant stick to a plan so you keep on gaining the weight until becomes a constant struggle and a vicious cycle

stamina & energy

You feel without stamina to keep up with your kids, constantly feeling tired lethargic and sluggish

clutches of daily routine

You feel heavy or bulky and tired after your chores to add some exercise in your daily routine

cravings & guilty cycle

You give in into cravings easily and then feel guilty thinking that youre not strong enough

Yes, yeah we got you. The good news is that this is completely NORMAL. Its not your fault, the problem is the lack of 4 main components to make your weight loss journey a sustainable one.
Thats why here in Habits Over Diets we make Weight loss simple – without- relying on Intense Self-Discipline or Feeling-Motivated-24/7
Here are the main 4 components of our approacH👇

Perform daily simple behaviours that will lead you to weight loss, automatically.

Our bodies shape are the result of our lifestyle and habits developed over a long period of time. I want you to make a change that lasts.


Learn how to manage your nutrition to navigate through daily life challenges, effortlessly.

Travel Work Deadlines Social Engagements Plain Boredom Impatience


Learn from content based on the latest Science based nutrition approach.

Not fake gurus. Not fad diets. Just plain good proven information tested on more than 100k clients


Let your Coach and our community of highly driven women -that wants the same as you- shape you.

You are the average of the 5 closest people you sorruound yourself and almost all of your desicions will be shaped by your enviroment. Pretty powerful Uh? Yeah. So why dont we use that power for good?

So here are some of the things you can expect with a Habits over Diets Program over the next few months – 
become fit & stay fit
more stamina & energy for whole day
Wear the type of clothes you like, fit into smaller sizes and say hi to your old clothes
Get control over your sweet tooth and favorite foods (while enjoying them)
Feel more confident, happier and lighter


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